Welcome to The Exercise Coach - Buffalo Grove. Locally owned and operated by Brian Cygan, we are proud to support our community by fostering healthy lifestyles. We understand that life is busy and demanding, making it difficult to maintain a healthy regiment. Here at The Exercise Coach - Buffalo Grove, we are energized to help!

Stella Dyslin

Studio Manager

Stella began with The Exercise Coach in 2011. Stella is the part-time Office Manager of the Buffalo Grove studio. Stella runs a tight ship in Buffalo Grove and demands nothing short of excellence from our trainers. Stella has an outgoing personality and takes personal interest in the lives of our clients. Whether she is in the office or away, Stella makes sure that the studio functions efficiently and is always client-centered. Stella is the wife to Dan, the mother of 3 daughters, and the yia yia (Greek; grandmother) to 6!

Michael Schroeder

Lead Certified
Exercise Coach

Michael began with The Exercise Coach in 2012. Mike is the lead trainer at The Exercise Coach Buffalo Grove. A big believer in what The Exercise Coach can help others achieve, Mike is an encouraging and motivating Certified Exercise Coach. Mike will persuade you to set a goal, gently nudge you to keep going, or help you to get started again, if that’s what is needed. His tell-you-like-it-is personality is contagious and Mike has helped many clients surpass their initial goals. Mike has an excellent work ethic and has a good grasp of the studio operations at Buffalo Grove. Mike resides in Jefferson Park and loves to spend time with his two Labrador Retrievers named Toby and Shadow.

Archie Punzalan

Certified Exercise Coach

Archie began with The Exercise Coach in 2014. Archie is a Certified Exercise Coach at our Buffalo Grove studio. Words that clients use to describe Archie are: caring, calming, easy-going, encouraging, and empathetic. Archie exhibits genuine care for others and gets personal reward from seeing clients transform and reach their health and fitness goals. A student of our nutrition plan, Archie enjoys helping clients realize that small steps are achievable. Archie is an outstanding musician and singer, and can be seen on Sundays leading worship at his church. Archie is married to Gina and together they are parents to their son Cameron.

Elizabeth Manella

Certified Exercise Coach

Elizabeth began with The Exercise Coach in 2015, and she is a part-time Certified Exercise Coach. Elizabeth’s interest in fitness and wellbeing led her to The Exercise Coach, and she continues to spread her fitness cheer to clients on the training floor. Elizabeth constantly seeks personal growth and has become an excellent student of nutrition and health. Elizabeth trains clients at both Lake Zurich and Buffalo Grove studios. Elizabeth lives in Lake Zurich with her parents and outside of studio time enjoys pursuing her love for the science of anthropology.

Nathan O’Day

Certified Exercise Coach

Nathan “Nate” began with The Exercise Coach in 2012 in our Park Ridge location. Nathan is an outstanding Certified Exercise Coach and has had an interest in the field of health for many years. His undergraduate degree is in biology and his graduate degree is in bioethics. Nathan is compassionate, soft spoken, and relates naturally and easily with clients. He makes you feel right at home. And, clients have expressed enjoyment in his sense of humor too! Nathan trains clients at our Lake Zurich or Buffalo Grove studios. Outside of work, Nathan enjoys outdoor activities, especially cycling, snowboarding, and the occasional challenge of a race.

Carmella Napolitano

Certified Exercise Coach

Carmella began as a Certified Exercise Coach in 2014 and was a quick learner of The Exercise Coach protocol. Carmella always brings a very positive energy to the studio, and she creates an uplifting, motivating workout session. Carmella has a good eye for making sure clients are working out as effectively and efficiently as they should, and is dedicated to helping clients realize their fitness goals. Carmella also assists with some administrative work at Buffalo Grove studio, and as needed at Lake Zurich. Carmella lives in Spring Grove and is engaged to be married.

Dave Mauro

Certified Exercise Coach

Dave came to The Exercise Coach in 2012 as Lead Coach in our Wilmette location and moved to Lake Zurich in 2016. With an Exercise Science Associates degree from College of Lake County and a Personal Trainer Certification from The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Dave set his sights early on a career in coaching. Dave is a “people person” and enjoys interacting with clients and getting to know how best he can help clients reach their personal goals. Dave is a Certified Exercise Coach at our Lake Zurich and Buffalo Grove studios. When he’s not working, Dave enjoys spending time with his fiancé Kristine, as well as spending time outdoors.

Zulma Bianca

Administrative Assistant
Book Keeping

Zulma began with The Exercise Coach in 2010. Zulma is the bookkeeper for the Lake Zurich and Buffalo Grove studios, and is full-time administrative assistant for The Exercise Coach Franchise System. Zulma is highly efficient, handles a great deal of diverse work assignments, and always exhibits a can-do attitude. Zulma is also an avid fan of The Exercise Coach and is certain to complete her weekly workouts to keep her fitness goals on track. Zulma works primarily in our Wauconda offices, and once per week in our Lake Zurich studio. Zulma is married to Jim and together they parent a lovely daughter named Ava.

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